Uptown Funk (Metal Cover) Released

May 2, 2014



So after some time in absolute silence, a new song is out! This time it's the Mark Ronson / Bruno Mars song #UptownFunk. This song's just full of good vibes and a general positive feelings. The song was actually finished a couple of weeks back, but getting the video done took some time. 


We're always trying to make our videos better, and this time I'm very happy with the result. The original idea for this version of the song had to be changed since it ended up being very similar to what Leo Moracchioli from Frog Leap Studios did. We changed things around and I love the result.


​​​​We had the chance to work with guitar player Sebastián Martínez, who I've known for some time now. He's got a very cool attitude, and really made a difference on the song. He delivered a couple of guitar solos on the song, and brought in a great vibe. We recorded a lot of video takes for the song's ending, and had a lot of fun messing around. 



Didier also recorded the bass guitar, as he has done for most covers. I wrote a very difficult bass line, but Didier delivered a very solid performance. Though it's hard to make the bass prominent in the final mix, you can probably hear it pretty clear if you pay attention. 


On my side of things I'm particularly happy with the keyboard solo. It's the last thing we recorded in the song, even after we started shooting the video. Sebastián had already recorded his solo and that helped out a lot. The vocals and the guitars also left me very satisfied. 


So, did you enjoy this video? 


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