New Single Meaning of Love

From the upcoming album Leaders comes the new single "Meaning of Love". If you like Melodic Rock and haven't heard about Supremacy it might be just the right time to check this new song out!

I've been working with Supremacy for a little over a year now, and I've really enjoyed being a part of such a great project. I was initially recruited to record the keyboards for the album, but that quickly shifted to a much bigger involvement. The album was mixed and mastered by the great Alessandro Del Vecchio, and features several prominent musicians from the AOR scene.

After the release of the first single "On My Way" (listen), which featured the amazing UK singer Nigel Bailey, comes the new ballad "Meaning of Love". This new song was written by the band's frontman and lead singer Harold Waller, but oddly enough wasn't sung by him. So who do you think sings on this track?... Well... take a guess...

Hopefully by now you've listened to this track on YouTube, so now it's time for you to deliver some feedback! You can comment here, on YouTube, or wherever you want! Here are some links to the band's pages on social media:





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